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"Our Lives Matter" is painted with blue spray paint on a fence

Spray paint on plywood that reads "R.I.P Floyd" "We Love You!" "Fuck 12" all in red and brown.

"Where There's People There's Power" is written in red and black on the People's Speed Way in the George Floyd Square. "People" and "Power" are bold and in red.

Graffiti in black spray paint reads "My Cries Are 4 Humanity."

"Floyd" is written vertically on the ground in red. From each letter, a phrase is written. The "F" stands for "From Tragedy." The "L" stands for "Love Must Prevent." The "O" stands for "Our Cry." The "Y" stands for "Your Tragedy." The "D" stands for…

"Justice for Daunte Wright" is painted in red and green on the street at the location where George Floyd was murdered.

This image depicts a door with "God's Child" and "George Floyd" written underneath in white.

This mural depicts 12 names of Black men who have been victims of police brutality in Minnesota. The names are written in white and have dates written next to them. In the middle of the names is a red paw.

A section of the George Floyd memorial with offerings of stuffed bears and flowers among other items. There is rope with a variety of pieces of artwork. One sign reads "Justice Accountability Healing George Floyd" with a red heart. Other signs…
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