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  • Date is exactly "2021-06-14"

"Know Justice Know Peace" and "1312" spray painted in blue on a stairwell wall.

"Silence Is Violence" has been written on a red painted sidewalk.

"We Know What You Did..." spray painted in black on a parking ramp.

"Konvict Killer Kops!!!!!" spray painted in blue on a parking ramp wall.

A side walk painted red with black and white text. This text reads "Free America Abolish The Police," "0 Videos 0 Charges 0 Arrests 4 More Precincts," "Winston Smith," "Release The Footage," "They All Deserved Better," and "All We Did Was Be Black."…

A spontaneous memorial to Deona Maria at the location where she was killed. The light post is marked with text reading "Know Justice Know Peace." Deona's name is written with chalk on the pavement, and her name is surrounded with candles and…
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