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The top of the parking ramp in uptown has been made into memorial for Winston Smith. This is where he has killed by US Marshals on June 3, 2021. Painted text surrounding the site include "ACAB," "Winston Smith," "Stop Killing Our Community," "Fuck…

"Vigil, Say His Name, Winston Smith" with an arrow has been written in chalk on a sidewalk.

"ACAB" spray painted on a traffic barrier.

"RIP Winston Smith" spray painted in black painting on a parking ramp along with "F12," "1312," and "Hold Police Accountable" with an anarchy symbol as the "a."

"Winston Smith" written on a sidewalk in block letters.

Text written in chalk on a brick wall. "Peltier AIM" is a reference to Leonard Peltier, who was an active member of the American Indian Movement (AIM). There is additional text that reads "why" and "fuck 12." On the left side of the brick wall an…

"More Love" written on a sidewalk in chalk.

Graffiti has been chalked and painted on a store and sidewalk. Text includes "Your Life Mattered!" "Fuck 12" and "The Streets Have Eyes."

A sign in Uptown with graffiti in silver marker. Under the sign "Winston Smith" has been written with chalk.

An orange sticker pasted on a utility pole reads "Community Watch Area, Police Not Welcome" along with "trust, respect, and communication are essential to healthy community; protect your friends and family from uniformed gang members and other…
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