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  • Date is exactly "2021-05-11"

Blue graffiti reads "be happy fuck the system" on a black background.

White graffiti on black reads "ACAB."

White graffiti on a red post. One side of the post reads "Jacob Blake." The other side reads "RIP George."

Black graffiti on a red post reading "anger is an energy."

Graffiti on a red post reading "A sad day that should never happen" in black letters.

This is a sticker posted on a pole of a street sign reading "Black Joy Matters" in black and red on a white background.

This piece is done with blue chalk on the sidewalk. It says "Let there be peace."

This is a blue sticker with cut out letters that spell ACAB as well as cut out hearts around it. This is posted on a pole of a street sign near George Floyd Square.

This piece is blue spray paint on a black wall reading "No Prisons Ever."

29 (2).jpg
A painting on pavement reading "Black power" with Sankofa, an image symbolizing the concept of learning from the past and seeking renewal.
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