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On the side of a building on the street of 3473 S. Archer Ave., stands an iconic cat in Asian culture with pink cherry blossoms behind it. Next to the cat are two gold koi fish. Beside this cat is the word "Harmony." Above the art, "#stopasianhate"…

A spontaneous memorial in New York City's Washington Square Park consisting of fresh flowers, candles, images of Daunte wright, Breonna Taylor, and a sing reading Justice 4 Daunte Wright! Justice 4 Adam Toledo!

RIP Daunte Wright written in sharpie on a locked utility door in the subway station.

Message written in chalk on a walking path: "Teach your kids about Daunte Wright. They are not too young." The chalk is faded and smudged.

Daunte Wright's name written outside The Kenwood Retirement Community in Minneapolis.

Various graffiti and messages on plywood boards (painted black) outside U.S. Bank Plaza. They read "Prayers for: (add your own)," "All love," "Life," "God loves babies!" "Justice for Duante Wright"(sic), "You get your justice in your ass, Derek!…
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