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"Black Lives Matter" is painted on the pavement in yellow. Underneath the words, are red and green lines. Above the words, there are two LGTBQ flags and one Trans flag.

Ray Ricco, owner of Ray Ricco Freeland and Focus Mid-South, an LGBT and…

The words, "Stop Asian Hate" above a fearsome tiger surrounded by lotus flowers and green leaves.

Memorial site at the location where Daunte Wright was killed during a traffic stop near the intersection of 63rd and Kathrene Drive in Brooklyn Center. This photograph shows the memorial as it appeared one week after Daunte Wright's death.

Graffiti on the barricades outside of the Brooklyn Center Police Department, documented a week after Daunte Wright was killed by then-officer Kim Potter. There are various messages written in spray painting honoring Daunte Wright and critiquing the…

Spray paint on a crosswalk outside of the Brooklyn Center Police Department documented a week after Daunte Wright was killed. On this afternoon, protesters were just beginning to gather for an evening of protests outside of the police station.
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