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  • Date is exactly "2021-03-06"

Offerings and signs are placed outside Cup Foods. One sign includes a man behind bars with the words "innocent."

A greenhouse at George Floyd Square contains plants and a Black Lives Matter sign.

A black painted sign reads "This Space Uplifts Black Voices" in white paint. The sign has been weathered and has warped.

A sign has been hand drawn and placed on a chain link fence. The sign reads "Solidarity Between All People" with a sunset/sunrise in the center. "Race, National Origin, Sexual Orientation, Age, Class, Immigration Status, and Gender" is written on…

A sign posted on a street pole shows weathering. It has fallen down the pole and folded, making it difficult to read.

A mural of men in hooded sweatshirts holding signs that say "Strike for my life," "Strike for my family," and other statements.
Additional plywood has been put over the door and has been painted over with graffiti.

"No Justice, No Peace" has been painted in pink and teal with contrasting color decoration. This mural appears to have painted over existing graffiti, some is still visible.

"Value Black Lives" has been painted over existing BLM graffiti. The colors fade from teal to blue to orange. Above this reads "This is A Place of Love" in black paint.

The script "You Changed the World, George" is painted in white on a purple background. This mural is painted on the side of a building. The script is surrounded by blue clouds and a lighter purple mountain range set behind the lettering. Sunflowers…

Two handmade paper signs reading "Minority Owned" and "Prosecute Killer Cops!" are taped on a business window.
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