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Street Art 9.JPG
Images of George Floyd Square from February 2021, including a mural of George Floyd and many tributes in spray paint

Street Art 6.jpg
Work has been extensively updated since earlier photos, 'Black is Beautiful' is lettered in the upper left of the piece, 'Black Lives Matter' in the lower left, and multiple smaller figures have been added above the large portrait of George Floyd.

Street Art 5.png
Three posters of various sizes that read "Hope." The posters have been applied to plywood covering up windows of the Hennepin Theatre Trust

Street Art4.png
Uptown Theater Marquee in Minneapolis. Black lettering says "Justice for George Floyd."

Street Art3.jpg
Road Closed Sign, with graffiti painted over it reading "Nothing to Lose But our Chains," referencing a Karl Marx quote.

Street Art2.jpg
Black, red, & blue graffiti written on plywood.
Different styles and colors indicating different writers. Lettering includes 'George Floyd', 'Breonna Taylor', 'Justice Now', 'Subway', 'Vault'.
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