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"Black Lives Matter" is painted in yellow bold letters on the pavement. On each side, there are three red, black, and green stripes.

Ash Orr, president of Morgantown Pride and member of the Human Rights Commission, along with Jerry Carr,…

humantone installation view 2020-11-11.JPG
This is an installation view of the humantone project, a series of murals painted throughout lower Manhattan beginning in June, 2020. The project was born out of the convergence of two seemingly opposite forces: a government-mandated closure of most…

A George Floyd portrait stencil accompanied by text reading George Floyd and Rest in Power, located on the pavement on the campus of the University of Minnesota.

A poster pasted up on a bridge near the University of Minnesota. The poster reads "Stand Up and Vote," with an image of the Statue of Liberty as a Black woman. In one hand she holds a ballot and in the other hand she holds a book that reads "fight…

A large banner reading "DROP THE CHARGES." A sign posted up in the area refers to a call to drop charges against protestors.

RIP GF graffiti on a detour sign.
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