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Portrait of Kendra James, who was killed by Portland police in 2003. Around her is brown text reading "Kendra James 2003," and "Miss You 4ever."

Painted panels with three vertical sections on either side of a column of three images.

The center images include, from top to bottom: bullhorns and a Black Power fist, four hands holding a vase, and a close view of a woman holding up a…

Mural with portraits of Black people killed by police. The background has chalk messages and colorful fractal shapes.

Those depicted in this documentation of the mural include: George Floyd, Kendra James, Jason Washington, Deontae J. Keller, Tony…

Blue character with a white hat, orange eyes, blue skin, and an open, beak-like mouth. Inside the mouth is "BLM." There are dollar signs on the character's ears.

White banner with black block letters saying "FEDS GO HOME."

Portraits of Black leaders on plywood. "Black Lives Matter" at the base of the mural.

Portrait of Elijah McClain on a yellow background. "for Elijah McClain" is on the left.

"BLM" in red, black, and green letters on yellow. Figures in varying shades of white and brown fill in the background.

Two works. To the left is a painted panel with the names of Black people killed by police in red. White outline figure holding up a sign reading "Say Their Names."

To the right is a portrait of George Floyd with oranges and green leaves framing…

Yellow block letters around a door-frame "Black Lives Matter." The doors are painted red with a black heart in the center.
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