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Abstract shapes, arms, and legs bust out from a television set, moving dynamically through space on this large mural that wraps around the side of the storefront.

"Black Lives Matter" is painted in various colors on the pavement.

The mural was organized by West Seattle Art Nest and West Seattle Art for Social Justice.

"Black Lives Matter" is painted in pastel colors on the pavement.

The letters were outlined by artists Chris Freeman and Baju Wijono and tourism board member Chris McManus. It was then filled in by volunteers.

"Black Lives Matter" is in the process of being painted on the pavement.

Utilizing an anti-gentrification image by Ricardo Morales, this poster includes text that reads "Hey Jacob GentriFREY: Defund the Police: Fund Dignified Homes For All: Tax the Rich & Greedy. It is pasted to the side of a City Pages box.

A small wooden heart with text written in read, reading "Stay on the Right Side of History." This is tied with twine to the guardrail of the bridge, easily seen by pedestrians.

A poster plastered to the side of a utility box with text reading Hey Jacob GentriFREY: Have a Heart! Defund the Police/Tax the Rich/Fund Dignified Homes for All. HOUSING IS A HUMAN RIGHT. A house with a heart is flanked by plants and…

A dark hand a light hand are joined together. Text reads "I'm Gonna Love You Till the Stars Fall From the Sky For You and I"

A panel showing a Black figure of Justice dressed in gold against a dark blue background. Text reads "Now is the time for Justice: Restatement of Lady Justice concept of blindfold, impartial, and fair judgement regardless of wealth, power, prejudice,…
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