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  • Date is exactly "2020-07-22"

"One Love" is painted in yellow on the street. Inside of the "O" in "One" there is a black number 1, and inside of the "O" in "Love," there is a black heart.

An expansion of a previously existing mural by Maya Edelman, The previously existing mural features a white swatch on a piece of plywood previously marked with other graffiti and tags that reads in large black block font: "BLACK TRANS LIVES MATTER".…

Sally Pemberton - 1222 University SP July 22.jpg
Black "Stop Killing Us" on top of a white buff. Blue "Shots" tag beside it.

Sally Pemberton - 1212 W University July 22 fists.jpg
Red and green Black Power Fists.

Sally Pemberton - 1205 University Ave W July 22.jpg
Red and black "No Justice No Peace" with a "TMT" underneath.

Blue throw up reading "Floyd."
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