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  • Date is exactly "2020-07-21"

tear gas.jpg
A poster board sign reads "Cops Be Like: 'We Hear You. We See You. We Tear Gas You.' DEFUND THE POLICE."

A yellow poster board reads "You've Fucked With The Wrong Generation!!!!"

A bright colorful mural with portraits of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Botham Jean, and Tamir Rice.

Graffiti in black paint on plywood reading "A riot is the language of the unheard. MLK"

Multi-colored sketch of a dead pig/cop with text reading "All Copes Are Pigs" alongside "I can't breathe."

Black billboard with gray letters that read "".

Plywood on windows of retailer EXPRESS. On the plywood written in graffiti George Floyd, Black Lives Matter and other graffiti.

Board up building with plywood covering the window. Spray painted graffiti on the plywood. Black Lives, Fuck 12, Rip George and other graffiti.

Vendor selling bags

Sally Pemberton - Lake of the Isles July 21.jpg
White tag "I Can't Breathe" and a pig character with a police hat. "All Cop Are Pigs" in black.

Sally Pemberton - 4614 Nicollet Ave July 21.jpg
Blue "REFORM" bubble letters with silver accents. Black background with red bubbles.
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