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Protest signs and posters on the Black Lives Matter Memorial Fence, located on the north side of Lafayette Park in Washington D.C.Some of the signs read "Free Nixon's Drug POW," "I Can't Breathe," "No One Is Free Until We All Are," "Pepper Spray A…

Screenshot 2022-07-29 132323.png
A street mural portrays the heads of four Black women in red and orange flowers. Underneath the flowers, there are blue and pink lines with "Black Trans Lives Matter" written on it. Above the heads of the women, "Give Us Our Flowers Now" is written…

Screenshot 2022-06-28 204757.png
"Defund the Police Fund Black Lives" is painted in yellow on the pavement.

A yellow sign reads "I Want My People To Be Free! I Will Enlighten The Masses! My Voice Will Ring Out Across The Globe And Make A Difference." Next to the writing is a Black male who has his fist raised.

A black sign with white writing reads "Mother's From Everywhere Were Summoned When George Floyd Called For His Momma."

if all lives.jpg
Two signs read "If All Lives Matter... Then Why Are We Here?" The background of each sign consists of colorful handprints.

Against a background of Black power fists, text reading "Matter is Minimum," followed by "Black lives are worthy!" "Black lives are beloved!" "Black lives are needed!" #BLM

A wall of carefully pieced together text in black, red, green, and yellow paint. Text reads "Justice for All Peace for the fam of the ones we lost Prosecute the killers," "Justice for George Floyd," "Fire Bob KKKroll," "Reopen all the cases," and…

Indigo_Counting the Thirteen.jpg
"Counting from Thirteen" at 754 Congress St. in Portland, Maine is designed to make viewers question American history since the passage of the 13th Amendment. The 13 gray boxes by Daniel Minter represent the counted and uncounted Black bodies that…

Mural of Trayvon Martin.
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