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On a black background, two sets of white text surround a black and white picture of Angela Davis. The first block of text surrounding her says, "I'm no longer accepting the things I cannot change...I'm changing the things I cannot accept". The second…

The photograph shows paper signs nailed to a wooden telephone pole at a busy intersection. The signs read:

1. Go Harder for LaVena Johnson
2. Ahmaud Arbery Say His Name!
3. Black Skin Isn't a Crime
4. Stop Police Brutality

The signs were up…

Sally Pemberton - Walgreen W Lake two July 16.JPG
Tag on store sign reading "R.I.P. GEORGE FLOYD."

Sally Pemberton - Popeye's W Lake two July 16.jpg
Stencils reading "Respect Existence" and "Expect Resistance" with free-handed "OR" between them.

Sally Pemberton - MDGWay at 27th Ave S July 16.jpg

Sally Pemberton - MDGW E 29th St July 16.jpg

Sally Pemberton - MDGW at 26th Ave S July 16.jpg
Purple "ACAB" on a fence. Two previous pieces can be seen behind it.

Sally Pemberton - Martin Olav Sabo Bridge July 16.jpg
Black "America Is Wack As Fuck" tag, with response "i agree" and a heart to the right.

Sally Pemberton - KMart W Lake two July 16.jpg
Colorful fruits and flowers with "NO H" and "NO C." In progress or partially removed.

Sally Pemberton - KMart W Lake three July 16.JPG
Three throw ups: first has "LET" in red, yellow, and blue bubble letters, "THE" in white text on a black circle, and a green and blue bubble background.

The second has "HEALING" in rainbow colors on an orange bubble background.

The third has…
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