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Red spray paint graffiti that reads "Rebuild Black Wall Street" and "Fuck 12" on the pavement near Cup Foods.

Flyer containing numerous names of black people killed by police or the effects of racism. Quote by Assata Shakur reading "It is our duty to fight for our freedom. It is our duty to win, We must love and support each other. We have nothing to lose…

Sticker of blue Minneapolis police badge with KKK hood in center

Black spray painted text that says "America is Cancelled," located on side of the unoccupied orange vehicle.

A play on the Disney logo, with the word Disney replaced by Minneapolis. Underneath it reads: the happiest place on earth.

A drawing of the four police officers that murdered George Floyd with the names of four black men (Floyd, Castile, Clark, Garner) killed by police. On the side you see four people yelling for the officer (Derek Chavin) to stop. In the background you…

Enclosed within a garland of black and white flowers are names of numerous Black people dead at the hands of police/ racist society. At the very bottom we see the name George Floyd.

Blue text stenciled on the pavement. The text reads: "We want peace. We want love. We want justice. We want equality." The word equality underlined.

A billboard with four Black people in pain and/or crying in the midst of an American flag.

Sally Pemberton - Miss River Pkway 2 July 13.jpg
Poster showing hands being washed, a hand holding a baton, and police beating someone. "You Can Wash Away The Virus But You Can Never Wash Away The Shame."
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