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These photographs show projections on the Robert E. Lee Memorial. The first image depicts W.E.B. Du Bois. Portrayed on the horse above W.E.B. Du Bois is "BLM." The second image depicts George Floyd and above this image is the phrase "BLM." The third…

A black and white print with text reading "You can wash away the virus but you can never wash away the shame | Covid-19 Labor Camp Report June 6 ,2020 / 1,976,515." Imagery includes a close up of hand washing, a public, state-sanctioned lynching, and…

Sally Pemberton - Nicollet Mall July 13.jpg
Red tags reading "OINK IONK" and "FUCK 12."

Sally Pemberton - MS Pkway SP July 13.jpg
Black "ACAB" on a pillar.

Sally Pemberton - MS Pkway 2 SP July 13.jpg
"FUCK THE COPS!" on a railing.

Sally Pemberton - Miss River Pkway Lake Marshall underpass July 13.jpg
Black cursive "Eat Shit Pigs" with a tag above it.

Sally Pemberton - Miss River Pkway 2 July 13.jpg
Poster showing hands being washed, a hand holding a baton, and police beating someone. "You Can Wash Away The Virus But You Can Never Wash Away The Shame."

A billboard with four Black people in pain and/or crying in the midst of an American flag.

Blue text stenciled on the pavement. The text reads: "We want peace. We want love. We want justice. We want equality." The word equality underlined.

Enclosed within a garland of black and white flowers are names of numerous Black people dead at the hands of police/ racist society. At the very bottom we see the name George Floyd.
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