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A large and colorful fist of power surrounded by the names of individuals unjustly killed in encounters with the police or by white supremacist vigilantes: Yvette Smith, Philando Castile, George Floyd, Tony Robinson, Ahmaud Arbery, Sandra Bland,…

Tags on rear of Cup Foods building (alley access). Text reads “RIP Floyd,” “Fuck 12,” and “ACAB” white text with black shadow.

ACAB/Fuck 12 tags on rear of Cup Foods (ally access). White pig(?) face with black outline and lettering and bright pink lettering over top of other tags

Several tags on stucco side of Dragon Wok. Multicolored paint likely by different writers.

Multicolored mural on side of stucco building. Text reads, “Abolish Police” on left end and “Heal Invest/Uplift Our Community”on the right end.

Tags on stone and brick front of Cup Foods, site of George Floyd’s murder (black and red spray paint)

12 by 12 foot black and white portrait of George Floyd painted on a wooden panel hung on a stand.
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