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Blue tag reading "ACAB" with the Anarchist A. Green tag reading "1312," the numeric equivalent of ACAB.

Collection of tags on a door including "Klip," "Defund MPD Now!" and "ACAB." A character to the left whose eyes have popped out onto the tags.

Two works:

The first says "Amor" in red bubble letters. A sunflower with an olive branch is at the left, with a purple rose at the right. Purple petals decorate the bottom half of the letters.

The second work says "unity" in green bubble…

In-Progress mural with "Supporting Each Other All of It" in green and blue along the top. "Difficult Times" outlined along the bottom. The background is red and yellow rays.

Throw up of "Demand Justice!" in white bubble letters on a red background with a jagged black border. A character wearing a Nirvana shirt, with an X on their right arm, hold up a sign with the Anarchist A and the Equality symbol.

To the left is a…

Blue text on plywood "Please Don't Burn."

Flowers, two with Black faces, and the words "Black Lives Are Beautiful" in red, blue, yellow, and brown. "June 11, 2020" at the bottom corner.

Pile of painted panels on their sides. Several have hearts on them. The one on top has a heart and "BLM" on it.

Graffiti on the Goodwill store reading "You Kill Us We Fight Back." There is also a 12 with a line through it visible in this photograph. Other anti-cop graffiti was written on this wall.
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