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On a piece of plywood, the words "BLM Stand N Solidarity" are painted in purple. The text is on a white background, surrounded by multicolored flowers, some of which have power fists at their center. There are two hands holding each other, one…

Black fist roses_6.30.20.jpg
Painted on plywood panels covering a store front, a large Black power fist surrounded by red roses.

Foam covering a broken window with "Stolen and Glass Broken...Behind This Foam. For Your Safety Don't Press."

Additional photo shows full panel before the glass was broken.

Heart-shaped cardboard with black and yellow stripes.

Flowers and…

Mural with "ENVISION THE WORLD" in rainbow colors and "WITHOUT MONEY" in white bubble letters. The Os have $ as the hole. The background has a green base and a blue sky, with a run in the upper right corner.

First panel has two hands passing along a paper that reads "Share the Love" with a red heart in the center. The background is half dark blue and half pink, with diamond-shaped stars.

The second panel has "Black lives MATTER" in black cursive on a…

Two blue birds and one red bird on a pink sky background. "We will remember" in blue cursive. A hot air balloon with "BLM" as the basket is in the lower left corner.

Black tag, "BLACK LIVES MATTER" and a red "FUCK 12"

Mural of protesters with their fists raised, surrounded by flowers. George Floyd is in the center, with blank white eyes. A the top is "You Have To Act As If It Were Possible To Radically Transform The World. And You Have To Do It All The Time.…

Yellow block letters reading "Love 4 All" across a blue and red background.

Colorful background of hearts, flowers, and shapes, text reading "Remember Honor Forgive," "No Healing No Change," "Forgive Everyone-Everything," and three gray-scale portraits of:

Dowansa, a Dakota man who died on Dec 26, 1862

George Floyd, a…
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