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  • Date is exactly "2020-06-27"

A billboard above a business has been taken over by the artist Sickid and covered in a wash of black paint. The billboard reads, in white paint from left to right "Breonna Taylor // *this is graffiti by Sickid" // demand justice @(502)-646-5300 //…

A close up of a mural on the exterior of Kim Hung Mall. The mural has a white background with green/blue/yellow/orange rainbow colored stylized letters and blue bubbles. The mural reads: " I can't breathe"

This mural is in a similar style as…

A close up of a mural on the exterior of Kim Hung Mall. This mural has an orange background and bright green letters. The sign is partially covered up with a purple "We Are Open" sign.

The sign reads: "Keep Lo---- Each Other"
(The sign likely…

A close up of a Mural on the exterior of Kim Hung Mall. The mural is a white background. Pink bubble letters with yellow and orange and green aura outline spell out: "Protect Ya Own" there is a "BLM" underlined in black letters on the upper right…

A mural on the exterior of Anh's Hairstylists. The mural has a black background. It reads: "Justice for [G] Fight AGAINST the Law of Oppression and Yearn 4 Action against Dehumanization" Most of the letters are in bright yellow to pop against the…

"ACAB" is written in black letters on plywood.

A plywood mural that reads: "Hmong 4 black lives. No justice no peace!! George Floyd"

Two blue George Floyd (Seitu Jones) face stencil portraits are also painted on the board

An unpainted plywood board on the exterior of a Thai restaurant. Black letters spell out "NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!!!" (Peace is underlined)

A plywood board on the exterior of a restaurant on University Ave W in the Frogtown neighborhood of St Paul.

Black letters spell out: "NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!!!" Three exclamation points after peace and peace is underlined.

A plywood mural protecting a storefront. It reads: "one frogtown one love" "healing together" "Justice 4 George"

The background is combination unpainted and yellow. The middle of the mural has some flowers painted on it and a black silouette of a…
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