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The Black Panther logo is placed above the all caps text, "ALL THE POWER TO ALL THE PEOPLE". In between the text, there are the flags from Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, China, Tajikistan, Guatemala, Jamaica, Haiti, and Mexico. Next to this…

A plywood panel with quotes painted in red, white, and blue. The quotes read "Nobody's Free Until Everybody's Free" and "You Cannot Change Any Society Unless You Take Responsibility."

A wash of white paint covers the majority of a plywood plank. A figure with green skin and short hair that blends with its facial stubble serves as the focal point of the mural. The figure is a cyclops, with a large, single eye with a blue iris, long…

The eye is immediately drawn to the rightmost edge of the plywood panel, where two large brown eyes emerge from a vivd red background. Underneath the eyes, budding trees are surrounded by discarded guns pointing upwards toward the sky.

In the…

A mural on plywood painted with a periwinkle blue background. The focal point is the text at the top of the work that reads in bold, fully capitalized lettering: "Breonna Was Sleeping Now She Rest In Peace". Breonna Taylor was an EMT and aspiring…

A portrait of Emmett Till in the artist's colorful style with an oversized head, long thin neck, and small shoulders and torso - a restyling of a classic image of Till wearing a brimmed hat, Till was a 14-year-old African American who was lynched in…

Mural at the B Bar and Grill on East 4th Street. Repurposed cardboard protest signs including: "Black Lives Matter", "Say Their Names", "8 Can't Wait", "Justice for George Floyd". Mural featuring warm colors (coral, burgundy, red, orange, yellow) and…

The first section design is biomorphic abstract images of downtown buildings and ways of movement downtown (biking, transit, walking, wheelchair.) The second vestibule has the title "Come Together" and has a montage of hands reaching toward each…

Plywood from the Wadajir Grocery reads "Black Owned."

saigon garage mpls cant breathe 2020.JPG
Grafitti on the former Saigon Garage, on Lake Street in Minneapolis reading "I Can't Breathe" and "Fuck 12"
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