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blue line fire.jpg
Large piece on plywood panels covering the base of a skyscraper. A stylized recreation of the blue lives matter flag (which usually represented support for the police), but instead of stars there are skulls and the thin blue line is going up in…

Plywood painted with a wash of white features a Black woman with a starry sky in her hair and eyes within the palms of her hands standing with arms outstretched to the sky. The words "Dream Big" spread between her hands, with "All Dreamers Welcome"…

Juneteenth weekend, SF Chinatown
6.20.2020 via @cccsanfrancisco and @vida.kuang
Juneteenth at San Francisco Chinatown - a public gathering of community members and artists painting murals to honor the ongoing 400+ years struggle for Black…

Black BLM tag on south side of defunct BP gas station.

Yellow tag reading "Fuck 12" on west side of defunct BP gas station.

Red stencil George Floyd portrait on concrete base of light post at defunct BP gas station.

"BLM" and a Black Power Fist are painted over a rainbow background with many small hearts. "BLM" has been covered with black spray paint.

This mural is painted on two plywood panels which are covered in multicolored brushstrokes. "Black Lives Matter" is painted on the left panel and has been covered with black spray paint. A Black person with their eyes closed and tears dripping down…

These are two murals on plywood boards covering doors. On the left there is a person with purple hair and in the hair the text "Black Lives Matter" is painted. On the right there is a painting of George Floyd with red tape across his mouth. The tape…

"Wolakota" painted in pink on a black background. green leaves and blue dots are painted behind the text and a red and pink heart sits below it. "Dakota Land," "Lakota Style" and "Bde Maka Ska" are painted in pink.
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