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In all-capitalized letters, "Love Power" is written across the top of the mural in bold pink lettering, shadowed by black paint to create a three-dimensional impact.

Beneath Love Power, a wide array of imagery comes together to form one piece.…

Mid-size pink squares, separated into an even white grid and marked randomly with vertical red lines, build the background of this piece. Yellow text shadows the light turquoise lettering outlined in black. The text reads: "There is no justice in…

Located on a plywood board on the REI store, text relating to the Justice for Cliff Encouragement Project. "No Justice No Peace," "Opt out of Racism," "Say Her Name," "BLM" and other phrases.

Painted on a plywood panel, a series of images of BIPOC women (facial details either not completed or omitted).

The mural was painted in late June 2020 on the Alpine Dam in Rockford, Illinois. The wall has been used a as community graffiti wall for 60 years. The mural depicted Symbol — the 47-foot tall steel sculpture at Rockford, Illinois' Sinnissippi Park —…

Wall of spray-painted text, stencils of George Floyd with free-hand crowns, and flowers along the base of the wall. Text includes "Abolish Police White Supremacy | Rebuild with Justice Indigeneity Truth," "We Love Our Trans Friends + Fam."

Throw up with "BE" in blue, red, and white block letters. A Black Power fist is on top of a second word to the right.

Mural of a bald Black man wearing a halo. A heart frames his face and wings stretch out from behind it. "End Racism" is in yellow block letters above him. "Mom Help Me!" is at the top of the heart.

Mural with a green, purple, and dark blue sectioned background. An 8-point star is in the center, with four round mirrors in each corner. Writing around the star reads "We Are Stars," "Hot as Rage," "Black as Earth," "Move as Water," "Voices in…

Three Black people, one a child holding a sign reading "We Are The Future They Fought For" and wearing a Black Lives Matter.
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