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Wheatpaste depicting Rick 'Tiger' Dowdell, Nick Rice and Greg Sevier, all killed by Lawrence, KS police.

Screen Shot 2021-01-17 at 1.56.57 PM.png
With a small turquoise background, an in color picture is painted of Elijah McClain. Below it on a white background, black lettering says, "#JUSTICE FOR ELIJAH McCLAIN".

A lioness and cub painted on plywood. Text on their faces reads "See me, hear me, believe me."

A pale blue-grey wash provides the background for this piece, which demonstrates the cycle of metamorphosis in butterflies as a metaphor for change. Two black, white, and yellow caterpillars inch across an arching branch at the top of the piece, to…

community protest art at CCB.jpg
The image shows an assortment of posters and other materials contributed by community members to a fence, several feet long, in front of the Denver City and County Building.

Brooklyn-Based Artists created Black Lives Matter Street Art Mural

Brooklyn Based Artists created Black Lives Matter Street Art Mural.

Portrait of Breonna Taylor with orange flowers framing her face. Text at the top reads "How Many More Will Have To Die For This War To End?"

Three painted panels. First: a red heart with Minnesota outline in the center. Two rainbows coming from either side of the heart. A peace sign-shaped wreath with purple flowers at the left side. "Peace. Love. Justice." in yellow, pink, and blue…

Three plywood panels with "Justice 4 George Floyd" and a large peace sign on them.
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