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Gravestone with "Floyd" on green grass with a red background. "Your Life Mattered" is written in blue above it. Beside this is a tree with trunks made of arms and leaves made of hands. An earth and the words, "Change is Coming," sit beside the tree.

A photo of a light grey house with white trim. There is a cinder block stone wall in front of the house, with stairs leading up to the front door. There is graffitti on the stone wall done in red paint. To the left of the steps "BLM" to the right of…

Long mural of hands holding phones with images of friends, homes, butterflies, flowers, and alien cartoons. Backgrounds include purple and green checkered pattern covered in narrowed eyes, flames, and trees.

Screenshot 2022-05-23 153852.png
Black Austin Matters is painted in yellow on the pavement. The mural was a collaboration between Capitol View Arts, the Austin Justince Coalition, and the City of Austin.

A small scale Black Lives Matter poster appears attached to the facade of Prosfygika, a complex of old refugee settlements that operates as a squatted autonomous community.

Black Lives Matter painted on the pavement surrounding a fountain in Montgomery, Alabama. Colors are red, black, yellow, and green, with black figures. The dates 1619, 1865, and 2020 are indicated.

Black Lives Matter is painted in yellow on the pavement. At the front and end of the letters is the LGBTQIA+ flag. The mural was organized by In Our Own Voices.

Black Lives Matter is painted in black, yellow, white, and red on the pavement. Each of the individual letters has a design. Some of the designs include representations of Cambridge civil rights leader Gloria Richardson, Dorchester native Harriet…

Red and black spray-painted text, "Black Owned Business Child Care! Black Lives Matters BLM" on plywood covered window.

A protester wearing a COVID mask, all painted in black, throws a colorful bouquet of flowers. BLM is written underneath. Created using a stencil.
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