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White bubble letters with black outline reading, "LOVE." A red heart makes up the empty space in the "O."

Breathe in justice.jpg
On a white background, the central image is a lilac branch that resembles the shape of lungs. Above and below the image are the words "Breathe in Justice" in blue and purple gradient text.

Large "BLM" in bubble letters on plywood. Letters are blue at the top, with a gradient moving through red, orange and yellow at the bottom. Blue splashes at bottom. Green starfish and triangles accent the blue, making the whole image reminiscent of…

The marquee sign from COOK restaurant in east side St. Paul with "Justice for George."

Large bubble letters reading "Defund Police" in shades of purple and blue.

A complex crocheted piece attached to fencing. The central element consists of an eye with the planet Earth in the center. Text reads "Justice for George Floyd." Additional text provides names such as Rodney King, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. A…

Black treble clef next to a flying dove. The dove is red and yellow, with a small black beak and a white eye.

The south wall brick exterior of a building. George Floyd's face has been painted four times in shades of blue on the wall using a stencil. The closer you get to the faces, the blurrier they appear, but from a distance, the subject matter is clear.

New York City retail storefronts covered up with plywood in anticipation of potential damage after some stores in Manhattan were looted.

The exterior of a building. "Fuck 12" is written in black spray paint on the side of the building.
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