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Black Lives Matter painted on the pavement surrounding a fountain in Montgomery, Alabama. Colors are red, black, yellow, and green, with black figures. The dates 1619, 1865, and 2020 are indicated.

Black Lives Matter is painted in black, yellow, white, and red on the pavement. Each of the individual letters has a design. Some of the designs include representations of Cambridge civil rights leader Gloria Richardson, Dorchester native Harriet…

Solidarity banner created and displayed by Prosfygika, a building complex of old refugee settlements that operates as a squatted autonomous community, shows the face of George Floyd, framed by the slogans "No justice no peace, fight the police" and…

The south wall brick exterior of a building. George Floyd's face has been painted four times in shades of blue on the wall using a stencil. The closer you get to the faces, the blurrier they appear, but from a distance, the subject matter is clear.

A protester wearing a COVID mask, all painted in black, throws a colorful bouquet of flowers. BLM is written underneath. Created using a stencil.

Plywood covering a window is marked with text reading "Your White Tears Will Find No Comfort Here," and, smaller, "RIP George." In a panel on the neighboring window, a Black woman behind a desk labeled Ms. Resist casually sips from a cup labeled…

The marquee sign from COOK restaurant in east side St. Paul with "Justice for George."

A photograph of a grey house and flower garden. There is a sign in the front lawn near some pink flowers. Well, there are three signs taped together to make one message: "!6 years later & we still can't breathe!" , "Justice for George Floyd", and " I…

A white paper sign taped to the door of a residence. In big, red letters the sign says: "Justice for George!"

The doors and windows of this storefront have been boarded up with plywood. The plywood over the door has "No peace no justice" written on it. To the left and right of the door "BLM" is written in black paint.
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