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Plywood covering the Payne Ave street facing windows of gallery space next to Cafe Lilla. Red letters say "No Justice No Peace" first observed May 30th 2020. Blue paint has scribbled out both "No"s and added "NOW" to the right of "Justice" and…

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 3.33.34 PM.png
"Floyd" in large letters, along with "In Memory of" and a portrait of George Floyd. Additional text provides the dates of Floyd's birth and death. Also included is text reading "No Nazis/No Cops!!!/1312"

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 3.58.01 PM.png
A black fist outlined in white, painted over other tags on plywood.

A pasteup of Thomas Jefferson wearing a facemask with text on it reading "I Can't Breathe."

His and Hers clothing store front window. A white paper sign with green lettering reads: "We are in this together!!!"

The storefront for Carnitas Don Tacho. A neon "open" sign hangs in the window. To the right of that, a white paper has been taped in the window. It reads: " #black lives matter Brown Owned"

Kingfield Family Dental_17 E 38th St_55409_1.jpeg
Fully covered Kingfield Family Dental, a stand alone building, is spray painted around the entire exterior. Phrases on the front of the building include "Black Lives Matter," "We Are One," "Say His Name," "Stay Strong," and "Justice for George."…

Ramen Kazama_3400 Nicollet Ave_55408_1.jpeg
Ramen Kazama is boarded up with "Black Lives Matter" and "People Live Here" spray painted in black. Also in black are "Say His Name," "BLM," "Don't Target," "Love Peace and Ramen," "Justice 4 George Floyd," "P.O.C. Owned," and "Stay Safe!"

In a rectangular four panel grid format, hands hold up picket signs with the words "protest", "pride", "peace" and "power."

Painting of a Black woman wearing a white face mask with "BLM" on it. "No Justice No Peace" is on her shirt. Rainbows extend from her raised hands. MPLS and the city skyline rest above her afro. A heart sits in the center. Pine trees and flowers…
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