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George Floyd_s Memorial.jpg
A large mural with the image of George Floyd at the center, flanked by text reading "George Floyd." The letters are filled with small figures seen with fists raised in protest. Behind Floyd's head is a large sunflower. At the center of the sunflower…

A white sign reads "Fuck Trump!" Underneath it has the artist's, which is "$essenceofpeacellc,"to support the movement.

Painting of a Black woman wearing a white face mask with "BLM" on it. "No Justice No Peace" is on her shirt. Rainbows extend from her raised hands. MPLS and the city skyline rest above her afro. A heart sits in the center. Pine trees and flowers…

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 3.33.34 PM.png
"Floyd" in large letters, along with "In Memory of" and a portrait of George Floyd. Additional text provides the dates of Floyd's birth and death. Also included is text reading "No Nazis/No Cops!!!/1312"

Person paddling a canoe with "everyone interconnected together" above them, "When We Know Justice" and "We Will Know" on their shirt and arm, and "Say Their Names" in the canoe. A white lotus is to the right.

Mural with yellow to purple gradient. Three birds at the right. "Be the CHANGE you wish to see in The WORLD ~ Gandhi" in black text.

Black Lives Matter is painted across the sidewalk in various colors. "Black" is painted in blue, "Lives" is painted in green, and "Matter" is painted in yellow.

In a rectangular four panel grid format, hands hold up picket signs with the words "protest", "pride", "peace" and "power."

Blue "ONE LOVE" above a heart held up by five hands. Red "Minneapolis" underneath.

Three posters read “Black Women Will Always Be Too Loud For A World That Never Intended To Listen To Them”. The posters are red with black lettering, while the words ‘Too Loud’ are highlighted in yellow writing that matches the painted wall behind…
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