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  • Date is exactly "2020-06-15"

A wreath made of orange tulle has yellow ribbon intertwined that reads "Vote Because Black Lives Matter Local *State* National Election.

A poster reads "Trumps Is A Bloated Sack Of Shrieking Void Crabs." Around the writing are crabs with yellow eyes and menacing expressions.

A white poster reads "[sadly] it is your birthday. F*!$K You. (#happy obama day)."

A cardboard sign with a piece of paper reads "Black Lives Matter" and "Fuck Trump." Around the piece of paper are messages that read "Defund the Police," "No Justice No Peace," and "Invest In Black Communities."

A sticker with text reading "No Justice No Peace." The image shows a guillotine with blood splatters and a pig head with a police officer's cap.

A sticker reading "Black Lives Matter" with a fist in rainbow colors for Pride.

Madison Museum of contemporary art.jpg
This work includes are cartoon depiction of a uniformed Minneapolis police officer carrying a baton, he is wearing a helmet that says “M.P.D.” and sunglasses that reflect a fire. The character stands over a fire and in the smoke above the fire the…

Many Heads.jpg
These paste-up segments repetitiously depict three different Black individuals whose heads are bisected with imagery on the inside their mind. The titles describe what is in the mind of each person, “Swan” on the top, the center is “Night”, and the…

Three posters read “Black Women Will Always Be Too Loud For A World That Never Intended To Listen To Them”. The posters are red with black lettering, while the words ‘Too Loud’ are highlighted in yellow writing that matches the painted wall behind…

This piece is comprised of a triptych depiction of a woman of African descent with an afro. Each segment is a different color of the Ethiopian flag. The woman is painted in coordinating colors of maroon and green.
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