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Black Lives Matter is painted across the sidewalk in various colors. "Black" is painted in blue, "Lives" is painted in green, and "Matter" is painted in yellow.

Black Lives Matter is painted in the street in various colors. "Black" is painted in black, "Lives" is painted in red, and "Matter" is painted in green. These are the Pan African colors.The mural was organized by Hakim Crampton and the letters were…

A white sign reads "This is why Kaepernick took a knee... understand NOW!" Next to the writing is a yellow lightbulb with "Moment" written to the side.

A mural portrays Breonna Taylor with a yellow halo over her head and stars around her. Next to Breonna is an arrow with the words "Take Action" pointing to a banner underneath Breonna that reads ""

A triangular poster depicts a Black Power Fist and a Black head with an afro. Around the drawings are some phrases written in black, which include, "I Cant Breathe," "No Justice No Peace," "Delay of Justice is INJUSTICE," "Stop Killing Us !!!!" Other…

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A yellow poster board has an image of a young Black boy, Antwon Rose Jr., who was fatally shot by a police officer June 19, 2018. Written on the poster in block letters is "Antwon Rose Jr. No Justice No Peace."

A yellow poster depicts an image of a Black woman named Michelle Cusseaux who died on August 13, 2014 as the result of a violent interaction with the police. Above her image, it reads "#SayHerName."

A white sign reads "Fuck Trump!" Underneath it has the artist's, which is "$essenceofpeacellc,"to support the movement.

A wreath made of orange tulle has yellow ribbon intertwined that reads "Vote Because Black Lives Matter Local *State* National Election.

A poster reads "Trumps Is A Bloated Sack Of Shrieking Void Crabs." Around the writing are crabs with yellow eyes and menacing expressions.
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