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memorial art 1.jpg
A wooden board is washed in Ombre, moving from white to black. Twelve fists are raised in solidarity at varying heights. The text "when the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace" is painted on a white banner. This text…

Surrounded by flowers and other tributes at George Floyd square, an acrostic poem appears using “Floyd.” The vertical letting of “Floyd” is orange outlined in yellow and the following text emerging from “Floyd” are yellow. Reading top to bottom the…

A stenciled sign reading Justice for George Floyd with pink background and blue flowers.

Large, simple graffiti reading RIP Floyd! in black spray paint

Several panels on Stray Dog with graffiti reading "Black Lives Matter," "Save His Name," "All Black Lives," "George Floyd He Was A Gentle Giant," "BLM Justice," "We Stand with Black Communities," etc. There is also one figurative image of a man…

The face of a lion covering previous tags. Text on the lion's face reads "SEE ME/HEAR ME/BELIEVE ME."

Spray-painted text on a sidewalk. Reads "I Cant Breath!" and "George."

Mural with white rays and two bullhorns at each end. One bullhorn has "BLM" coming out of it.

Two peace signs and three hearts covering buffs and tags. Tags and messages include: "Where Is Justice," and "RIP George."

Three throw ups: red and blue "George Justice,"; "I CANT BREATHE" in blue and yellow; and "FLOYD!" in green. These works cover previous tags.
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