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Black Lives Matter is painted in BLM yellow on the pavement. Each word is painted in bright yellow letters and spans almost the entire width of Fulton street

Black Lives Matter! is painted in yellow and green traffic paint on the pavement. Hattiesburg resident Glenda Funchess and a group of about six other people received permission from city officials for the initiative to create the mural.

Black Lives Matter and are loved, needed, and valued is painted in varying bright colors on the pavement of a parking lot. Under each o the letters, there are names written. Dopson herself describes it as “whimsical” and says she created it to…

"BLACK LIVES MATTER REMEMBER THIS TIME" is painted on the pavement. The Black Lives Matter letters are defined by a white painted background and are detailed with shades of black, brown and yellow.

REMEMBER THIS TIME in yellow on pavement.

"DEFUND THE POLICE" is painted in pink on the pavement.

The photographer, Nadine Seiler, stands in front of two tags on a wall. The first tag, written in blue spray paint, reads "Fuck Trump." The second tag reads "Fuck 12 Bitch!"

Nine different hands are drawn in a circle. Six of the hands are not colored in, while four of them depict different skin tones. In the middle of the hands is a heart with "Black Lives Matter."

A scrawled tag reading "Burn them all" on the street in front of Seattle Police’s East Precinct practically glows on top of the muted, grey asphalt and stencil of George Floyd. The bright yellow splatters and violent plea capture the message’s…

A beautiful, serene black woman with white, flowing hair is filled with love as the spray painted message implores us to Take Care.

This image shows a poster with names of murdered Black lives next to a Shepherd Fairey “We the People” print.
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