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  • Date is exactly "2020-06-11"

Black chain link fence on the south side of H Street NW with evidence of protest signs that have been removed. A cardboard sign on a street light reads "They Matter." Underneath, are images of victims of police brutality.

“Black Lives Matter” in street-width letters has been painted on East Pine Street in Seattle, on a block that is part of what protesters have named the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, aka CHAZ. A Belltown small-business owner, with the help of a…

"BLACK LIVES MATTER" is painted in blue on the pavement. Each letter in the mural is 20 feet wide and 37½ feet long. On one end is a heart with the fist that has come to be associated with the Black Lives Matter movement. On another end is…

"BLACK LIVES MATTER" is drawn in pastel colors with chalk on the pavement. The colors are blocked out with painter's tape.

A plywood mural depicts a Black man holding a water bottle. To the right is written "Black Lives Matter To A Medic."

In this mural, two hands join together. One hand is tan and the other is Black. Surrounding the hands is a ribbon that reads "Unity, Love, Hope, Change Together We Rise."

In this mural, there are outlines of three people. Inside of their outlines are the names of Black people who have been victims of police brutality. Each of the outlines holds up white signs with writing. The first sign reads "We Will Not Remember…

At the top of the poster, it reads "Black Lives Matter" in white. Underneath, are two figures that have no skin on their faces. Around them, the words "tan," "yellow," "Black," "white," "red," and "brown" are written. Surrounding the figures is…

A Black Power Fist drawn on a brown paper bag is taped to the sidewalk.

A Black Power Fist is depicted in front of an orange sun with sun rays. Surrounding the sun are figures of people holding up their fists. Above the sun, "We Will Rise" is written in black marker. Underneath the sun, "#BLACKLIVESMATTER" is written.
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