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From the artist: "A friend of mine showed her son my lions on Instagram. He, a budding artist, wanted to also paint a mural. Long story short, five sets of hands created a design solely imagined by my friend's son in under two hours. "We all love…

A stencil and spray paint image of a woman taking a selfie while holding an "I support you" sign while standing in a field of flames. Painted on plywood affixed to a mattress store, it was painted over later that day.

Midwest Mountaineering_309 Cedar Ave_55454_1.jpeg
Fully boarded up Midwest Mountaineering store is spray painted with Black Lives Matter and the BLM Fist, along with a dove holding a gavel with "Justice" and "Peace" written around it. Also written on the boards is "Love Your Community," "Justice 4…

Barbershop_3 W 38th St_55409_1.jpg
Fully boarded up Karen's Salon with spray painted "BLM" on the door. The boarded up windows read, in marker, "BLM," "George Floyd," "No Justice No Peace," and "We Stand with Protests."

Empty Store Front_3756 Nicollet Ave_55409_1.jpeg
An empty storefront is boarded up with spray painted "BLM," "Justice," "George Floyd," and "We support you."

"Burn The System, Not The Community" is spray painted on a concrete construction barricade in the middle of Lake Street, with plywood-covered businesses in the background.

Part of a larger George Floyd Mural, with text reading “community.”

Hands opened to reveal a heart that reads "George Floyd," along with clouds and a sunflower.

A newspaper stand reading “only love” and 6/19, celebrating Juneteenth, the end of slavery.

The boarded up storefront of Samuelson’s reading “our home,” “not a business,” and “we live here.”
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