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  • Date is exactly "2020-06-10"

Purple, pink, and blue "Black Lives Matter," with matching fists at the bottom of each letter.

Painted panel with sweeping colors over a black brick wall. The Minneapolis skyline is in the lower third. Black Power Fists are along the bottom of the…

A red "George" throw up with a heart for the "O". The work purposefully covers previous text reading, "Minority Owned."

Two cardboard signs in store window. First, "HIS LIFE MATTERED," and the second has, "JUSTICE FOR GEORGE FLOYD."

Spraypaint mural of George Floyd downtown Palm Springs, CA. George Floyd is painted along a background of blue and black silhouettes of protesters. "I Can't Breathe" is painted in white block letters.

Modernist geometric style mural. "REvoLuTIoN" in bold orange text. Background is primarily squares.

Crowd of faces with "We" in the center.

Red tags: "Abolish 12," "Police Murderers," with an X over "Police," and "King Pope."

Buffed tag. "12" visible.

Red spray painted text reading "Already looted" on a large boarded up window, and "Stop Killing Black People" on a boarded up door.

Sun mural with text that so far reads, "NO JUSTICE NO PEACE" in a repeated pattern.

Finished photo shows that the rays of the sun have the names of Black people killed by police, and the age they died.

"BLACK LIVES MATTER" is painted in yellow traffic paint on the pavement. It was immediately removed.
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