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On a white background, a hyperrealistic black and white protest scene is presented. A crowd of masked people tear down a fence, while one raises a flag that reads "Black Lives Matter". In an outline of green clouds to the viewer's left, the words…

Plywood covering windows. Over a white and yellow background is center a portrait of a Black woman. Her hair creates the letters in the word PROTECT in a half circle shape, centered over her forehead is the word "Life" in script. The portrait has…

George Floyd's murder by police officers in Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 25, 2020 was filmed, and sparked a Black Lives Matter movement across the nation. In Portland, Floyd was memorialized with a large mural on the side of Aura Club on Center…

MotherMother_BroadwaySt_07272020 (1).jpg
Silhouette of a white head against a black background with text reading "Mother, mother, there's too many of you dying, Brother, brother, there's too many of you dying."

A photo taken during the now-infamous protestor occupation (CHOP) of the East Police Precinct in Capitol Hill, Seattle. From the contributor: "My photo depicts the alteration to the entrance sign, reading "Seattle PEOPLE Department." This was the…

This George Floyd mural in Palm Springs was commissioned by The Palm Springs Public Arts Commission. The artist is Los Angeles artist Misteralek. A portrait of George Floyd is set against a dark background showing protestors in silhouette. The words…

"Love" painted large on plywood.

Painted on the Islamic Center, this consists of the words "JUSTICE" and "OPPRES$ION" and "INNOCENT" and "HUMANITY" in large, stylized letters. Additional text reads "Whoever kills an innocent person it is as if he has killed all of humanity. Quran…

Daalo Hilaac_2647 Nicollet_55408-1.jpeg
Daalo Grill boarded up with neon orange "George Floyd" written across three boards.

A large portrait of George Floyd surrounded by flowers. Additional signs of tribute and recognition have been added. Painted as part of the #spraytheirname project.
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