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"END RACISM NOW" is painted in yellow traffic paint on the pavement. Near it are the names of victims of police violence including Donta Dawson and David Jones, who are two local victims of police brutality.

"BLACK LIVES MATTER" is painted in temporary paint outside of Dallas City Hall. The letters are painted in outline only, with the colors black, green, and red. These are the colors of the Pan-African flag.

"BLACK LIVES MATTER" is painted on asphalt in a variety of colors and styles. Each of the 16 letters depicts the aesthetic of the artists, as each artist had one letter to work on.

"BLACK LIVES MATTER" is painted in bright neon yellow traffic paint on the pavement of the Avery Ranch Camp 9 bridge over the Middle Fork Stanislaus River.

"Black Lives Matter" is painted in yellow on the sidewalk. It is a 100-feet long mural that is on red brick. A Stand with Black Youth protest and march that was organized by students at Berkeley High School ended with the painting of the words Black…

A poster depicts a drawing of a Black female with hoop earrings. Behind her, is a halo that is made by the words "Black Trans Lives Matter."

A poster on a fence depicts an image of the Black woman, Ida Lee Delaney, who died on October 31, 1989. Underneath her image is a description of the events that led to her death and the steps that were taken after her death.

A yellow poster is affixed to a fence with a zip tie. It reads "Say Her Name Tiffany Mofield #BLM."

A cardboard sign reads "Geroge Floyd!! Say His Name."

On a white background, a hyperrealistic black and white protest scene is presented. A crowd of masked people tear down a fence, while one raises a flag that reads "Black Lives Matter". In an outline of green clouds to the viewer's left, the words…
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