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  • Date is exactly "2020-06-01"

"AmeriKKKa Fuck 1312" is spray-painted in black in front of the public bathroom in Lafayette Park. 1312 has been a tag associated with opposing police brutality.

"BLM" is spray-painted in red on a bus sign.

"Fuck All Cops" is spray-painted in orange inside of the Laborers' Union of North America building.

"Fuck 12" is spray-painted in black on a white poll.

A black sticker with white text that reads "Everybody hates the police." To the right of the text is an image of a bird standing on a militarized police helmet that has bird poop on it. The sticker is on a metal post with other stickers around it.

Wendy_s Remains.jpg
Brick wall of destroyed Wendy's restaurant covered with graffiti in multiple colors. Anti-cop sentiments such as "Fuck 12" dominate, along with what is presumably meant to be a peace sign.

Post Office on Minnehaha.jpg
"Fuck 12!" and "Re-build" graffiti on the destroyed USPS Minnehaha Station.

Migizi Communications.jpg
Images of small animals on the plywood on the destroyed MIGIZI building. A loon with text reading "what we save saves us," a rabbit with "don't forget about us."

Hook and Ladder 3010 Minnehaha Ave S..jpg
Graffiti covering a plywood board at The Hook and Ladder Theater and Loung. "PRAY 4 U" dominates in large blue block letters, written over other text including "Cops Murdered," "George Floyd," "An eye for an eye," "FTP," and other anti-cop…

El Nuevo Rodeo Restaurante East Lake Street Destroyed in fire.jpg
Graffiti at the destroyed site of El Nuevo Rodeo reading "2020 begins today," "BLM" and more.
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