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A wall in front of the public restrooms at Lafayette Park in Washington D. C. The wall is covered with graffiti from top to bottom. The graffiti is evidently written by many different hands using different colors of spray paint (black, red, and…

Black spray-painted messages on plywood-covered windows. "Justice 4 George Floyd. P.O.C. Owned. Stay Safe! Love Peke and Ramey," and "Black Lives Matter, No More Violence PLS." and "BLM."

Sally Pemberton - 2508 Nicollet July 21.jpg
Red and green bubble letter throw-up "Peace For All" on a blue background. Blue letters read "Peace For Floyd!" with blue and yellow hearts. White flowers are above the first message.

Plywood covering the doors and windows of Ingebretsen's Scandinavian Gifts & Foods. Panels decorated with "ONE HUMAN FAMILY" in large red letters, one word per panel. "WE SEE YOUR ROYALTY." and "WE SHARE YOUR GRIEF." in smaller dark letters. Stylized…

Black spray-painted "MPD SURENDER" on Burger King sign.

Grey bubble letters on plywoodwith white outline and black background. "Justice George Floyd."

Two white posters in yard with black text. "Justice For" and "George Floyd."

Black spray-painted text, "Justice for George Floyd" and "Black Lives Matter" on a plywood-covered window.

Blue spray-painted "Justice for George Floyd" and black "Black Lives Matter" on plywood-covered windows.
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