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  • Date is exactly "2020-05-31"

Graffiti on the external wall of Decatur House reading "Why Do We Have to Keep Telling You Black Lives Matter?" This is written in black spray paint.

"Why Do We Have To Keep Telling You About Black Lives Matter?" is spray-painted in black on the side of a building.

Large blue text reading "We Fight Back" (situated next to "I Can't Breathe").

Plywood covering the windows of Ingebretsen's Scandinavian Gifts & Foods decorated with a quote attributed to Martin Luther King Jr.: "TRUE PEACE IS NOT MERELY THE ABSENCE OF TENSION, IT IS THE PRESENCE OF JUSTICE. - MLK"

Photo of Salvation Army exterior. The windows have all been boarded up with plywood. Each window board has one word written on it with white and blue lettering that combine to make a phrase you can read left to right: " support" "east" "side" "love.'…

Photo of studio Payne art gallery and oddities building. The windows and doors are not boarded up, but a large piece of plywood is resting against the front window. It reads: "Black Lives Matter #ican'tbreathe" in white letters

Homemade sign in front of the burned out AutoZone car parts store reading "If we do this "your way" we are doomed to do this again..."


Decorated plywood covering the door of Taqueria & Birrieria Las Cuatro Milpas featuring a portrait of George Floyd. His likeness is surrounded by fist imagery, flowers, a winged heart labeled 1974-2020, and a message to Rest In Power. Plywood…

Red spray-painted messages on plywood covered storefront windows. Messages include "No Justice, No Peace", "Justice for George", "Say His Name", and BLM Stay Strong". Three purple hearts are also on the boards.

Graffiti on the facade of the Veterans Administration building, including "ACAB" and "Fuck Trump" written in spray paint.
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