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Large white text reading, "BLACK LIVES MATTER" over black plywood on a large storefront window. Two other windows covered in plywood with "MPLS" and a matching white heart are on the same building.

Spray-painted text on a burned building. Includes, "Fuck 12," "I can't breathe," "Native Lives Matter," and "No Justice No Peace."

A portrait in profile with abstract feathers and patterns in the background. Text reads "BIG GEORGE/#justiceforgeorgefloyd/WHEN THEY GO LOW WE GO HIGH!"

Three plywood covered windows with "Black," "Lives," and "Matter" spray-painted on them.

Photo of a storefront near Brunson's Pub in East Side St. Paul. The doors and windows are boarded up with plywood. "Black Owned" is written in large black paint letters on the plywood. Sheets of white paper are also taped to the plywood. They read:…

USPS that reads “Black Lives Matter ACAB” on a sign located along a bike path in Van Nuys, CA at sunset.

A large curved wall covered with colorful panels and the words BLACK LIVES MATTER.

Exterior shot of Brandon's Pub storefront. The windows and doors have been boarded up with plywood. "Justice for George" is written in red paint on the plywood covering the front door.

This is a photo of the exterior building of Cafe Lilla. The windows have been boarded up with plywood. "Justice for George Floyd" is written on the North side. "Black Lives Matter" is written on the West (street facing) storefront not pictured, "No…
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