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  • Date is exactly "2020-05-30"

FLOYD! in bubble letters with graduated tones of yellow, orange, green, and blue. Also "LOVE," "I can't Breathe," etc.

Boards from Arbeiter Brewing located at 3036 Minnehaha Ave just doors down from the Third Precinct in Minneapolis reading "I Can't Breathe" as well as "George Floyd" and "Justice."

A photorealistic portrait of George Floyd with large text reading "I Can't Breathe." Smaller text reads #GEORGEFLOYD/#ICAN'TBREATHE/#SAYHISNAME

Projected image of George Floyd under bridge.

Godollei JFGF 2020.JPG
A letterpress printed poster on paper. The text reads "Justice for George Floyd." There are 2 small images of an open eye and a hand holding the scales of justice flanking the word "for." A border of orange stylized flames/upraised hands runs across…

A portrait in profile with abstract feathers and patterns in the background. Text reads "BIG GEORGE/#justiceforgeorgefloyd/WHEN THEY GO LOW WE GO HIGH!"

USPS that reads “Black Lives Matter ACAB” on a sign located along a bike path in Van Nuys, CA at sunset.

"REST in POWER" and "George Floyd" in 3-d lettering, purple, silver, and black.

A storefront with a variety of images and texts, including "George Floyd," "Say His Name" and more. Images include a fist of power, angel wings, and more.

Large, simple block letters reading "WE ARE THE NEW AMERICANS/NO CHURCH IN THE WILD."
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