This collection explores the interconnected categories of race, social class, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and other aspects of identity as they relate to systems of oppression.

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Earth Medicine
The text "Earth Medicine" has been painted above and below a dark red painted circle on a plywood panel. Within the circle is a circular design painted in red, orange, and yellow.

Can't Forget The Kids
Multiple plywood panels have been painted with multicolored triangles of red, pink, green, yellow, blue, light blue, purple, and orange. The text "Can't Forget The Kids" has been painted in white block painting with a child painted on either side of…

Black Lives Matter
This section of mural shows a raised purple fist with a rainbow wrapping around it. A green and purple plant grows around the fist. A round eye is painted to the left of the fist.

Toxic Made In Wuhan
A movie poster for Disney's 2020 "Mulan" has been defaced. White spray paint says "Toxic made in Wuhan," using lettering from "Mulan" for the last word. Mulan's face has been painted over.

They Can't Burn Us All
A wall has been painted red and orange. Over this, "They can't burn us all China Mac" is spray painted in white. An Asian man stands to the right of the sign with one fist raised, his head down.

Justice For Vicha
This mural says "Justice for Vicha" in brown paint on its far left. In the center is a portrait of Vicha Ratanapakdee. To the far right, red letters read "#StandForAsians." The artist's tag, @ImOneHunned and #HollywoodThai is painted in red and…

Modification of anti-Asian graffiti
Graffiti reading "No More Chinese" in orange spray paint has been modified to flip the negative message around. With the addition of a human figure masking the word "no," the message has been changed to read "More Chinese."

Stop Asian Hate Tiger
The words, "Stop Asian Hate" above a fearsome tiger. In Asian cultures the tiger symbolizes power and fearlessness, which makes the tiger the perfect mascot for this message.

Yellow Peril Supports Black Power
The words "Yellow Peril Supports Black Power" appear on the right side of this panel painted on plywood. There portraits of four Asian people, with one of them holding a "BLM" sign.
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On the side of a building on the street of 3473 S. Archer Ave., stands an iconic cat in Asian culture. This cat resembles the maneki-neko that seems to be in many Asian stores, and is thought to bring good look. Beside this cat is the word "Harmony",…
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