This collection explores the interconnected categories of race, social class, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and other aspects of identity as they relate to systems of oppression.

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MMIW stencil
A young child dressed in traditional Indigenous clothing and holding a doll is painted using a stencil and black paint. The letters "MMIW" {Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women] appear in red above the child. "Windigo Army" is painted in red spray…

"Protect Us | Justice for George Floyd" Masked Figures poster
A poster on a street sign approaching George Floyd Square. The poster includes three masked figure along with text. The poster reads "Protect Us | Justice for George Floyd | Masks Help Us All"

Stay Strong
A plywood mural has been painted depicting Bruce Lee & Kareem Abdul Jabbar as well as a dragon.

A large-scale wheat paste mural takes up the side of a business wall. The image is on a black rectangular background, bordered with white/cream. A Native person looks up at the word "RISE" bordered by two lightning bolts. Their portrait is done in a…

Indigenous American Portrait
On a backdrop of white paint, a portrait of an Indigenous (Native) American man wearing full traditional dress. The portrait is completed in a stylized glitch, making it difficult to discern clear detail, but the man's feathered headdress, earrings,…

Protect Indigenous People No More Stolen and Murdered Indigenous Women and Relatives #MMIWGT2S
"Protect Indigenous People No More Stolen and Murdered Indigenous Women and Relatives #MMIWGT2S" spray painted in red on a sidewalk. MMIWGT2S refers to the Three Sisters Collective.

Protect The Land Stop Line 3
"Protect The Land Stop Line 3" has been written in chalk on a sidewalk.

Land Back Seattle
Various text spray painted in black on a sidewalk including "," "earth first," "land back," and "fuck SPD."

Paul Castaway and Son Mural at People's Way (work in progress)
Painting of the Paul Castaway mural in progress

Protect The Sacred
A mural on a storefront which reading "Protect The Sacred," "Protectmaunakea," and "NoDAPL." The mural includes a black and white image of an Indigenous person wearing traditional attire, accompanied by additional text.
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