The pieces in this collection provide instructional or informational messages, such as "children live here," or "minority owned business."

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MGM is Open
Colorful block letters reading "MGM is Open" on a pale green background. Darker green abstract, wing-like forms extend on either side of the block containing the words. MGM refers to Midtown Global Market.

I Assure You We're Open
Written in red spray paint across several plywood boards, "I Assure You We're Open."

I assure you we're open
Fresh plywood was hung on Midtown Global Market during the time of Derek Chauvin's trial in anticipation of potential conflicts. This instructional panel reads "I assure you we're open."

Minority Owned/ Prosecute Killer Cops!
Two handmade paper signs reading "Minority Owned" and "Prosecute Killer Cops!" are taped on a business window.

Trial Countdown
The gas station sign at People's Way has been used as a countdown to the Trial. It reads "George Floyd Trial in 2 days." Under this reads a sheet reading "Black Joy."

We Keep the Fires That Keep Our People Warm
"We Keep the Fires That Keep Our People Warm" is printed on an informational sign which includes a picture of a fire and information on donating money for firewood.

POC Lives Here
A paper sign reads "POC Lives Here." Above this handmade sign, a more mass produced sign with a portrait of George Floyd is placed.

We Are Protesting Too
A paper sign in a window reads "We've Been Protesting Too! Black Lives Matter."

'BLACK TRANS LIVES MATTER!' Written upside down in black paint on a brown electric box.

Buses Do Not Stop Here
A sign near a bus stop reads "Buses Do Not Stop Here, Effective: Now, Reason: We need Justice, Please Board the Revolution Here, #saytheirnames, #justicenow, #BLM, #Defund the Police, #Mutualaid, #Listentothemothers, #GFM, #Dispelwhitesupremacy." An…
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