The pieces in this collection provide instructional or informational messages, such as "children live here," or "minority owned business."

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Nothing to Lose But Our Chains
The words "nothing to loose but our chains" are spray painted in orange on a traffic sign entering George Floyd Square. The "Road Closed" of the original sign are modified to read "closed to pigs" with black spray paint. "Antifa 20" are additionally…

No Cops
The words "no cops" are spray painted green and black on a traffic sign, entering George Floyd Square.

Ghandi Mahal Minority Owned and George Floyd signs (and subsequent destruction)
An image of Ghandi Mahal with a Minority Owned and Justice for George Floyd sign on May 28, 2020. The building was destroyed on May 28th. The second photo showing destruction of the building dates from June 1, 2020.

I Have Decided To Stick With Love - We're OPEN
Painted panels with a red and gold flower in the left corner. White text reading "I Have Decided To Stick With Love. Hate Is Too Great A Burden To Bear. - MLK." A red heart with "Black Lives Matter" in white lettering is to the right. "We're OPEN…

How To Be A White Or Non-Black Ally At A Rally
Poster reading:
"How To Be A White OR Non-Black Ally At A Rally
Amplify Black Voices. Don't Lead Chants.
Make space for Black folks to lead chants.
Don't Post Photos/Videos/IGLive With Protesters' Faces
Protesters will face repercussions if they…

"Wolakota" painted in pink on a black background. green leaves and blue dots are painted behind the text and a red and pink heart sits below it. "Dakota Land," "Lakota Style" and "Bde Maka Ska" are painted in pink.

Glass Broken Behind This Foam. For Your Safety, Don't Press
Foam covering a broken window with "Stolen and Glass Broken...Behind This Foam. For Your Safety Don't Press."

Additional photo shows full panel before the glass was broken.

Heart-shaped cardboard with black and yellow stripes.

Flowers and…

Please Don't Burn
Blue text on plywood "Please Don't Burn."

This Store Is Heavily Guarded 24/7
Black "This Store is Heavily Guarded 24/7."

People Live Here! BLM Justice 4 George
Red "People Live Here! BLM Justice 4 George" on a door.
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