The pieces in this collection provide instructional or informational messages, such as "children live here," or "minority owned business."

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The Arrival of the First Europeans -Informational Sign
Informational sign edited with a black sharpie pen. The original text noted that in 1792 British explorers were “stunned to find Spanish ships at Point Grey” and “were welcomed by villagers who presented gifts of fish…” Edits to this sign were made…

Respect Given Goes Long Way
"Respect Given Goes Long Way" is spray-painted in black on the side of a building.

Do Better America
"Do Better America!!!" is spray-painted in white on plywood.

I'm Sorry For Passing Judgment
Sidewalk chalk written in colorful letters reads "I'm Sorry for Passing judgment Instead of extending Empathy." The "a" and the top of the "y" in empathy are both hearts.

Our Streets
"Our Streets" painted on a plywood mural in black, white, teal, and yellow.

Humanity Over Hate
This "End Familia Separation" mural is on the side of a Criminal and Immigration Law office building. It is the first in a series of six mural by the artist, focusing on the need to put humanity before hate. This artwork is 12 feet high, and the…

MGM is Open
Colorful block letters reading "MGM is Open" on a pale green background. Darker green abstract, wing-like forms extend on either side of the block containing the words. MGM refers to Midtown Global Market.

I Assure You We're Open
Written in red spray paint across several plywood boards, "I Assure You We're Open."

I assure you we're open
Fresh plywood was hung on Midtown Global Market during the time of Derek Chauvin's trial in anticipation of potential conflicts. This instructional panel reads "I assure you we're open."

Trial Countdown
The gas station sign at People's Way has been used as a countdown to the Trial. It reads "George Floyd Trial in 2 days." Under this reads a sheet reading "Black Joy."
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