Say Their Names


Say Their Names


This collection references BIPOC victims of police brutality and racially-motivated vigilante acts of violence.

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Justice for Elijah McClain
With a small turquoise background, an in color picture is painted of Elijah McClain. Below it on a white background, black lettering says, "#JUSTICE FOR ELIJAH McCLAIN".

BLM Say Their Names Heart
A small pink heart with a purple outline, with all caps green text inside saying, "BLM SAY THEIR NAMES". On a brick wall next to the sticker, pink all caps graffiti reads, "BLM". On the same wall, black graffiti reads, "George Floyd".

Breonna Mural  CHAZ
This mural is dominated by large, capital letters reading “Breonna.” The text is soft and rounded and is outlined in white. A transparent green wash, curves through the text in a single paint stroke. A darker, yellow paint curved line moves to the…

Say Their Names: Dontre Hamilton, Sandra Bland, Sylville Smith
This mural featuring Dontre Hamilton, Sandra Bland, a young child, and Sylville Smith is on the side of a business on the corner of Holton Street and Center Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. There are numerous works along the entire side of this…

Elijah McClain Mural
This mural on plywood depicts Elijah McClain, a victim of police brutality who is honored by way of street art in downtown Portland.

Say Their Names
Painted on the street along Chicago Avenue, near the site of George Floyd's murder. This work consists of the names of other BIPOC who were killed by the police. The names are painted in simple block letters in a variety of colors. Names include:…

Tony Robinson: Rest In Power
A mural including a portrait of Tony Robinson in his graduation robes. Robinson was a young Black man murdered in Madison, WI March 6th, 2015. The words Tony Robinson and Rest In Power also appear in this mural. Next to this mural is a sign that says…

Say Their Names, 2011-2012 | Bringing Back Bowery
The eye is immediately drawn to the rightmost edge of the plywood panel, where two large brown eyes emerge from a vivd red background. Underneath the eyes, budding trees are surrounded by discarded guns pointing upwards toward the sky.

In the…

Philando Castile stencil with butterflies
A stencil of Philando Castile with butterflies. Painted on pavement.

Philado Castile Memorial Site
Multiple images of the memorial site dedicated to Philando Castile
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