"I can't breathe"/Last Words


"I can't breathe"/Last Words


These works focus the last words of George Floyd and others who have died through unjust acts of brutality, in the hands of a militarized police force.

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Hands Up Don’t Shoot
This photo captures an unfinished wall mural in progress located in the International District of Seattle. It depicts a silhouette of a Black person with arms raised and “Hands up, Don’t Shoot” painted in the body.

I Can’t Breathe
This George Floyd mural in Palm Springs was commissioned by The Palm Springs Public Arts Commission. The artist is Los Angeles artist Misteralek. A portrait of George Floyd is set against a dark background showing protestors in silhouette. The words…

Black billboard with gray letters that read "americantbreathe.org".

I Can't Breathe!
Spray-painted text on a sidewalk. Reads "I Cant Breath!" and "George."

"I Can't Breathe" over Clusters of Tags
"I CAN'T BREATHE!" in large block letters covers previous tags including: "Please Don't Burn," "Kill Kroll" and other informational tags.

Purple "I Can't Breathe"
Purple bubble letters, "'I Can't Breathe' 2020."

White "WE ARE OPEN! VENTURE IN." sign over the work.

Mama, I Can't Breathe - Don't Let Them Change The Narrative
Six stencils, each reading "MAMA I CAN'T BREATHE!" Red "Don't Let Them Change The Narrative!" to the right.

"I Can't Breathe" and an Orange Character
Yellow text with red outlining, "I CAN'T BREATHE". Underneath text is a two-face bird, or a bird shaking its head, with puffs of air coming out if its mouth.

We Want  Justice: Veronica Beard Store SOHO
Plywood covering the Veronica Beard storefront has been painted black and tagged with names, images, and text reading "I can't breathe." A poster with the portrait of a man (possibly Floyd) reads "We want justice; We want Peace; The Only Way." At…

I Can't Breath
Three plywood panels.
1. George (orange and blue)
2. I can't breath (blue and yellow)
3. Floyd (green)
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