George Floyd Tributes


George Floyd Tributes


This collection includes a extremely large variety of works paying tribute or memorializing George Floyd, from simple tags to large portraits.

Collection Items

George Floyd at Memorial Site
A large portrait of George Floyd in black and white on a plywood panel, mounted on a metro transit stop. Here the panel has emerged as an impromptu memorial site with many offerings. This is located directly adjacent to the location where George…

George Floyd on I Like You store
A large portrait of George Floyd with a banner reading "George Floyd," located on plywood covering windows of the I Like You store.

George Floyd on Black Plywood
Portrait of George Floyd on protective plywood in downtown Portland, Oregon, accompanied by offerings.

Blue/Red George Floyd
Artwork of George Floyd in Blue and Red on protective plywood in downtown Portland, Oregon.

Rest in Power
Painted on multiple plywood panels covering a door and windows, an image of George Floyd with text reading "Rest in Power George Floyd." There are angel wings and a heart above his head. The heart provides George Floyd's birth and death years,…

George Floyd
The name George Floyd written across a series of plywood-covered windows and a door using multi-colored mosaic forms.

GF graffiti
RIP GF graffiti on a detour sign.

George Floyd graffiti
From the plywood put up on Brave New Workshop: A large panel reading "George Lives" in red, blue, white, and black. A panel with background shades of red, orange, yellow, and white with text reading BLM, Say her name, BT, and GF with a heart and a…

Justice for George Floyd
A stenciled sign reading Justice for George Floyd with pink background and blue flowers.

RIP Floyd!
Large, simple graffiti reading RIP Floyd! in black spray paint
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