George Floyd Tributes


George Floyd Tributes


This collection includes a extremely large variety of works paying tribute or memorializing George Floyd, from simple tags to large portraits.

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George Floyd Angel
The mural prominently features a stylized portrait of George Floyd with a halo and angel wings. Next to him is a stop sign that reads “Stop Killing Us”. Floyd is green with a heart below him, and the words “Justice For George Floyd.”

Black Lives Matter
Situated on the side of a building, this mural has an all-white background with a painting of George Floyd in the center. Around Floyd, there are bubble letters reading ‘Black Lives Matter’ with raised fists of various skin shades coming from each…

Rest In Power
The street entering George Floyd Square has been painted with white spray paint reading "Rest In Power."

Justice for George, South Minneapolis Mourns George Floyd
Several handwritten paper signs are taped in a window. One reads "Justice for George" and another reads "South Mpls Mourns George Floyd."

Justice For George!
A large mural reads "Justice for George!" on plywood. The "Justice" and "For" were completed with a purple and pink wash and the "George" in a yellow wash. The letters have white highlights which look like a sparkle. The lettering is highlighted with…

George Floyd Memorial site, George Floyd Square
Images of George Floyd Square from February 2021

Flowers for Floyd Update (February 2021)
Work has been extensively updated since earlier photos, 'Black is Beautiful' is lettered in the upper left of the piece, 'Black Lives Matter' in the lower left, and multiple smaller figures have been added above the large portrait of George Floyd.

Justice for George Floyd Theater Marquee
Uptown Theater Marquee in Minneapolis. Black lettering says "Justice for George Floyd."

George Floyd Black Lives Matter Mural
Large mural with a black background, reading 'George Floyd' at the top in white lettering. 'Black Lives Matter' is written below in white lettering, with a white fist beside it, and is encased in a red orange sun with rays. A yellow sunflower…

G. Floyd
"G Floyd" has been spray painted in blue on a sign post.
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