George Floyd Tributes


George Floyd Tributes


This collection includes a extremely large variety of works paying tribute or memorializing George Floyd, from simple tags to large portraits.

Collection Items

George Floyd Memorial on the Border Wall from Aida ("Ayda") Refugee Camp in Bethlehem, Date: 25 April 2023
A depiction of George Floyd with spray paint on a concrete wall.

Miscellaneous words have been written over his torso. The legible ones read "Texas Housten". There is also a depiction of a hand that is pointing downwards

Floyd Mural
A plywood mural on the side of a brick building reads "I Can't Breathe Floyd" in red and white paint. Inside the "F" of Floyd, "George" is written in white paint. The "O" in "Floyd" is a heart. On the bottom righthand corner of the mural, is the…

Saint George and the Dragon
An image of a knight in armor on horseback, slaying a dragon. Text in the upper right corner reads G.P.F. May 25th 2020. This is painted on two pieces of plywood oriented horizontally.

George Floyd Sticker
A sign post contains various stickers, including on depicting a portrait of George Floyd. This sticker, like others on the post, is damaged.

No Justice No Peace (Sign)
A plywood mural with a white and grey checkerboard background with "No Justice No Peace (sign)" and small George Floyd portraits.
This mural is displayed on the exterior of Springboard for the Arts Saint Paul building.

Say His Name
A mural in shades of blue displayed on the exterior of the Springboard for the Arts Saint Paul building.
A plywood board has been painted with a white background and some grey squares. A large "Blues for George" blue stencil portrait of George Floyd…

George Floyd
Three different portraits of George Floyd are painted on plywood. The middle portrait is painted in shades of blue and behind him is a yellow background. The portrait on the left side is painted in yellow, pink, and blue. Behind this portrait is a…

A painted brick wall in front of a private residence. The background is yellow and red. Greenish black letters spell out "GEORGE FLOYD"

George Floyd
George Floyd is written on plywood in a variety of colorful letters. A Black Power fist appears after his name.

Do You Feel Us?
Nine posters depicting an image of George Floyd with the words "Do you feel us?" written to the left of his face. The nine posters are arranged in a rectangle on a piece of plywood. The Black Power fist is painted underneath the posters.
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