Political Statements and Structural Critique


Political Statements and Structural Critique


Works in this collection address systemic racism and the path to justice. This collection includes a wide range of imagery, with anti-cop messages being extremely significant.

Collection Items

ACAB on Maryland
A photo taken on East Side Saint Paul neighborhood on Maryland Avenue. A grey metal electrical box on the intersection has "ACAB" in black paint.

Defund NYPD
The outline of a police officer is surrounded by a red no symbol. Above and below the image are the words, in all caps, "DEFUND NYPD".

Abolish The Police Sign
A blue sign is nailed to a residential fence reading “abolish the police.” The text is written in black and two red drops of blood are noted first before the word “abolish” and after “the.”

BLM has no end!
This is a large mural that addresses defunding the police due to the racial prejudice against Black people n Portland, Oregon. The trees in the mural are very meaningful because Oregon is known for the huge cedar and pine trees.

El Diablo
Painted on a plywood panel, this piece depicts a cop with the horns and forked tail of the devil, surrounded by the flames of hell. Text reads "El Diablo," and "Murder in the Name of Law." To the right of the figure, there is a quote that reads "Let…

Flowers for the Future
On an all-white background, the poster depicts a black-and-white illustration of a Black child seated to the left and a white police officer in full riot gear to the right.

Crosslegged, the child has short curly hair and is dressed simply in an…

Unlock Cages
This piece was done largely on plywood on the side of a building on University Avenue, a major pathway connecting Minneapolis and Saint Paul. The words "Unlock Cages" are written in large block letters in front of a snapping chain and a chainlink…

Violences Policieres
In large black cursive, the graffiti states, "il n'y a pa de violences policers et je n'écris pas sur les murs." In English, this translates to "There is no police violence, and I do not write on walls."

ACAB doughnut sticker
A sticker with the letters ACAB spelling out in doughnuts. Adhered to a stop sign.

Welcome to Minneapolis sticker
A sticker showing the burning 3rd Precinct police station along with text that says "Welcome to Minneapolis!" This is placed next to a sticker advising the use of masks to prevent the spread of Covid.
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