Political Statements and Structural Critique


Political Statements and Structural Critique


Works in this collection address systemic racism and the path to justice. This collection includes a wide range of imagery including a critique of capitalism.

Collection Items

Fuck Trump
"Fuck Trump" is spray-painted in black on a building sign.

Mayor Bowser Is Proposing A Budget
A political message is written in the street in yellow, blue, and green paint. The message reads "Mayor Bowser Is Proposing A Budget Which Would Fund A New Jail, Give $20 More To Cops, Cut Most Social Programs. Email Judiciary@DCCouncil. US By June…

Baby Gate Bunker
White paper plates secured to a metal fence have "Baby Gate Bunker" written on them in colorful letters. Some of the plates have stuffed animals stuck to them.

Vote Him Out
A cardboard sign depicts Donald Trump in an orange jumpsuit behind jail bars. Next to the image is an orange sticker that reads "Trump/Pence Out Now." Underneath, "Vote Him Out" is written in marker.

Happy Birthday Donald
A piece of white paper with "Happy Birthday Donald Love

Fuck Trump!
A white sign reads "Fuck Trump!" Underneath it has the artist's Cash.me, which is "$essenceofpeacellc,"to support the movement.

Trump Is...
A poster reads "Trumps Is A Bloated Sack Of Shrieking Void Crabs." Around the writing are crabs with yellow eyes and menacing expressions.

It Is Your Birthday
A white poster reads "[sadly] it is your birthday. F*!$K You. (#happy obama day)."

Black Lives Matter
A cardboard sign with a piece of paper reads "Black Lives Matter" and "Fuck Trump." Around the piece of paper are messages that read "Defund the Police," "No Justice No Peace," and "Invest In Black Communities."

Fuck Trump
Blue and white chalk art on the street reads "Fuck Trump :)."
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