This collection contains a wide range of pieces addressing systemic racism and policing. This includes ACAB graffiti, calls for abolition of the police, demands for conviction of police officers, and more.

Collection Items

Peace Protest Police
A black-and-white mural featuring three officers in riot gear with their shields lined up to create a barrier. The officers look around their shields to the foreground. On the front of the barrier, a Black child with an afro has painted a bright pink…

ACAB graffiti on mural
ACAB written on an existing mural.

No More Innocent Bloodshed
A sign in a window reads "No More Innocent Bloodshed" with a fist.

Stop Police Brutality Sticker
A STOP sign has been altered with a sticker, so the sign reads "STOP police brutality."

No SPD Sign
A No Parking sign has been modified, adding an "S" and "D" so the sign reads "SPD" (got Seattle Police Department) with a line through it to indicate its elimination.

Black Trans Lives Matter Abolish The Police Sticker
A sticker reads "Black Trans Lives Matter | Stonewall Was An Uprising Against Police Brutality And Violence Targeting Queer And Trans Communities Abolish The Police."

ACAB on Police Sign
"ACAB" has been written on a police sign along with the Anarchy symbol.

"ACAB" has been painted on a cement building support in the alley behind SPD.

Fuck 12
"Fuck 12" has been spray painted in teal on a wall.

More Dead Cops
"More Dead Cops" painted in black on a painted wall. The "o" letters have been replaced with a peace sign and a pig head has been painted under the text.
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