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Say Their Names


This collection references specific BIPOC victims of police brutality and racially-motivated vigilante acts of violence.

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Political Statements and Structural Critique

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Works in this collection address systemic racism and the path to justice. This collection includes a wide range of imagery including a critique of…

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This collection contains a wide range of pieces addressing systemic racism and policing. This includes ACAB graffiti, calls for abolition of the…

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This collection explores the interconnected categories of race, social class, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and other aspects of identity as…

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The pieces in this collection provide instructional or informational messages, such as "children live here," or "minority owned business."

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Hope, Unity, Community


Images and text in this group focus on unity and hope as a path for the future, or focus on the power of community in overcoming racism.

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George Floyd Tributes


This collection includes a extremely large variety of works paying tribute or memorializing George Floyd, from simple tags to large portraits.

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George Floyd Square


This collection of images documents a George Floyd Square in Minneapolis over the course of time, including graffiti, wheatpaste posters, stickers,…

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Black Lives Matter Street Murals

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This collection contains text reading "Black Lives Matter" as well as variations on this, painted directly on pavement in public streets

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Black Lives Matter Memorial Fence

BLM_ Plaza-9.jpg

This collection includes documentation by Nadine Seiler and Aliza Leventhal on and around the Black Lives Matter Memorial Fence in Washington D.C. …

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